Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Secret Diary of Smelf the Elf on the Shelf

Sunday 1st December 

I arrived at monkeyfeet towers and thought I would get straight to work getting ready the advent calendars for the children, I think the Termite may be a bit too small for hers but the Monkeyfooted mummy seems to be helping out by eating the chocolate. 

Monday 2nd December 

Today the one they call Peanut turned 5 and she got a lovely big playhouse it has two chimneys so tonight I'm going to try to climb down one just like Santa does..,

Tuesday 3rd December

Last nights attempt was unsuccessful tonight I'm going in through the letterbox 

Wednesday 4th December 

I see now why it's left to Santa to deliver the presents. I got stuck in the letterbox and the kids laughed at me this morning!

I did  meet a nice girl called Snow White last night though she was telling me how the peanut one keeps taking of her lovely gown and putting her in different dresses I think I might look for her again ..,

Thursday 5th December

Had a lovely evening dancing with Snow (she said I could call her that) last night but tonight I think I will check out the kitchen it's about time I got myself some good food

Friday 6th December 

Trapped again, I fell clear into the jar of Cheerios and remained there until
Morning when the kids found me they thought it was great fun I'm aching all over though and the termite one drooled all over me when the Boy child put me in the bouncy chair! 

Saturday 7th December

The whole family went out today so me and some guys I met, Woody and Buzz they're called, went horse riding, such fun. 


  1. Such a fun idea, we might do this next year if Sienna will understand it!?

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Parenting & Lifestyle blog

  2. amazing loving the diary!! such a cool keepsake for the kids in years to come for them to read back on what their elf has been up to!

  3. Ah thanks that's what I figured, the kids are loving it and I'm having fun(although I so sometimes fall asleep and forget Smelf has to do something!