Thursday, 12 December 2013

Portable North Pole Really Does Make Christmas Magic

Imagine a video message from Santa addressing your child by NAME and telling them if they are on the nice or naughty list.... Well that's exactly what Portable North Pole (PNP) is all about. So when I was asked to take a look at their Premium Service I was very excited.

The service is easy to use, simply log in or register then choose who you are having the video made for, and choose, naughty, nice or a bit of both. There is a free version where you can a add photos,  a special event and information about what the child is trying to do, for example we had Santa say to Peanut ' I hear you are working hard to control your temper' which is so relevant at the moment and something we are all working on together. With the premium version you can add extra scenes and more photographs of events. Creating the video took about 10 minutes which to me is just right any longer and I start to give up a little and rush through things.

Peanut and The Golden Child Watching the video

The kids loved watching the video and at the risk of sounding like the most evil mum in the world... I now have the perfect tool to nip any naughtiness in the bud. 'Right Mammy is calling Santa, because remember he said you have to work harder to make it onto the nice list!'. and yes it does work

I'm fully aware that soon the years will come where my children no longer believe but just for now this has been the perfect bit of Christmas Magic. At £2.99 the premium version is well worth the money, we had Santa mention our new arrival, with a picture of Termite, he spoke of our trip to see Grandad complete with a lovely photo and there were lots of extra scenes, plus for my lovely monkeyfeet fans there is 20%% off with code BLG20BKP


  1. That is a lovely idea :) i cant wait until next year when faith will hopefully understand who santa is :) x i'd love to try this x

    1. It's the first time it's our first time, I'll definitely do it again