Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide, Turtlemeter by Ozeri

If you have a mum to be or baby/young child to buy for this this Christmas I think this is a great gift. I will admit that I wasn't sure how much enthusiasm I could put into a review of a bath thermometer! I mean you chuck them in the bath check the temperature, throw your kids in and try not to get soaked right?

So I surprised myself when I actually squealed in delight on first use of this thermometer! No I'm not joking at all, but let me start at the beginning 

The Turtlemeter is made by Ozeri and sold on amazon for £9.99. It arrived in easy to open moulded plastic so no cutting involved. It's a lovel size and has a really cute face. The kids loved it and it was played with for quite a while before it even made it to the bathroom.

There was I sitting in my bath totally forgetting the turtle when The Golden Child ran in shouting 'mammy mammy can the turtle come in, this of course was accompanied by the removal of clothes so I knew my peaceful wallow was about to be destroyed. In came the turtle, and the monkeyfooted ones. Thats when I squealed, it activates as soon as it hits the water and the colour light immediately let's you know if it's safe. Blue for cold, red for hot and Green for just right. It updates it's reading every second so is totally accurate.Its alos so fun we kept lifting him out so he went off the plunging him back in again! Such fun!

See our video here....

I can't think of any drawbacks to this, it's fun, well made, and the kids love it. Actually scrap that the one drawback is the kids love it so much I may never bathe in peace again (as if I didn't lose that privilege when I became a mum) 

We were sent this turtle free of charge to reveiw, but all opinions are those of family monkeyfeet

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  1. i love the look of the little fella and very practical too!! great and funny written review!