Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide, Coconut Mice

We've just made these as gifts for our teachers, dressed up in a nice bag or tin they're a fab gift and so fun and easy to make. Best of all these take less than 15 minutes. 

250g icing sugar
200g condensed milk
200g desiccated coconut 
Pink food colouring
Chocolate buttons
Strawberry laces 
Glacé Cherries

How to make them

Mix icing sugar food colouring milk and coconut in a bowl until it forms a firm dough, if it's too sloppy add a bit more icing sugar and coconut.

Using a dessert spoon form elongated spheres from the mix. Pinch the front end to form a nose. Using the chocolate buttons for ears a quarter, of a cherry for a nose and the laces for tails build your mice. You can also use  cake decorating balls for eyes.

Et voilĂ , very cute coconut mice. But be warned the mix is very moorish. Mmmmmmmm yummy!

What's your favourite Christmas recipe?

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