Saturday, 23 November 2013

Christmas Crafting

This morning saw the eagerly awaited arrival of our Godmother, and she came bearing gifts from Hobby Craft. The thing I love the most about this situation is she is fully prepared to roll up her sleeves and oversee the crafting chaos.

The kids had lots of fun painting money boxes.

Then they moved on to spoon puppets

and that's where it started to spiral...., you see when kids (well certainly my kids) hear the word puppet they think of puppet shows. Peanut suggested she might use a box to 'build a stage'. No finer words could be said to Mummy and the Godmother! Soon enough there was cutting and sticking and box rearrangement happening 

Within half an hour we had cut rectangles from the front and back of a medium box then stuck it onto another to form a base, mummy's sewing box scraps and sewing machine had been put to use to make curtains and Peanut was using some old packaging to make 'snowy hills'. 

And then there was the show


  1. I love all this - my kids adore making little things (and spending fortunes in hobbycraft!) and it all just adds to the festive spirit.

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