Thursday, 28 November 2013

Brilliant Baby Wipes

I've just removed my makeup with a baby wipe (yes my Clarins lady would be itching to smack my hand for this sacrilidge but they were handy and efficient) it's probably the tenth thing I've cleaned today with them! They are so versatile and easy to use, always to hand and I've got packets in almost every room and in the car.

Pampers Sensitive Maximum Care wipes

Today's uses have been

  • Dusting the tv unit
  • Cleaning the baby sick from the arm of the sofa
  • Claning the baby sick from my t shirt before the school run (hanging head in shame but I know you've all done it!)
  • Wiping pasta sauce from  The Golden Child's face and hands
  • Cleaning Pasta Sauce off a Sweatshirt!
  • Taking the mucky hand prints off the light switches
  • Cleaning peanut's school boots
  • Cleaning the whiteboard

So I'm starting a meme to see how many different uses we can find for baby wipes I'm tagging

Kate from Family Fever
Chantelle from Mama Mummy Mum

Let's post our blog links on twitter when we've listed with #wonderfulwipes and see what we come up with. 


  1. Thanks for the tag - am currently writing down today's baby wipe usage!

  2. Lol great meme, thanks for the tag shall get thinking :) x

  3. Maybe some people think it's a little weird/strange/gross to clean everything with baby wipes, but I don't.

  4. Thanks articles, I think there is having some problems with a few people, maybe I was also among them. :)

  5. waiting for the next article, baby swipe i don't like very much like you :)

  6. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for the excellent post. Not everyone like this but if you have a baby you should like this.

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