Friday, 22 November 2013

A to Z of Me

 This super Meme has been doing the rounds and the lovely Chantelle from Mama Mummy Mum tagged me in it. So here is a list of things you may not know about me.....

A - Adverts, I hate watching them especially cash til pay day adverts.

B - Blackberries, one of my favourite fruits

C - Children, my 3 little monkeys make me very happy

D - Dog Poo, or rather dog poo in the street, oh this makes me angry  if you can't pick it up YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A DOG

E - Eggs, I like mine poached in tomatoes

F - Friends, I care a lot and worry a lot about my close friends, it's the born worrier in me. They are referred to as my 'urban family' 

G - Grandparents, we grew up very close to our Nana so I place real importance on my monkeys spending time with their grandparents.

H - Holidays, oh how I love going on holiday, I love looking for them, booking them, planning them, packing for them.... Just about everything about them makes me smile

I - Ice cream, I have recently discovered a quick and easy recipe for home made ice cream and it's delicious, I don't think I can eat shop bought again! 

J - Jelly on the plate, you know the song my kids have all loved this long especially the last verse. 

K - Keys, or rather lost keys. I can never remember where I put mine it drives Spartacus bonkers.

L - Love, just one word but I think we should all share a bit more love, just tell someone you love them or something you love about them, it makes a real difference in someone's day.

M - mammy, mamma, maaaaaaaaaam, all variations on what I hear all day.... And I love every single way my kids address me! 

N - Nighttime Kisses, you know the ones you sneak late at night when you are on your way to bed, the one when you do that final check and tuck the kids in and pop a kiss on their sleeping heads? That's one of my favourite things.

O - Octanouts, Barnacles, Kwazi and Peso (yes I'm typing this with the tune in my head) this is my sons favourite show at the moment. 

P - Prejudice, I really just don't understand prejudice, how boring would the world be if we weren't all different and unique. Everyone one of us deserves to be treated with respect and equality.

Q - Quiet Time, something we try to encourage very day.... We don't always succeed but it's important to try.

R - Red, my favourite colour. 

S - Seaside, I love spending time at the sea side, even in the winter there is something renewing and energising about sea air.

T - Tea, yes I'm a tea drinker I love it.

U - Umbrella I miss mine, I hate that there is no real solution to staying dry with a pushchair 

V - Vintage, oh 50's dresses and glamour how I would love to have the time and figure to be a glamorous 50's housewife 

W - Welly boots, I never imagined I would appreciate anything as much as I do my Wellies! Such a lifesaver on the school run.

X  - Xylophone, perhaps the best and worst toy we own, lovely when played with nicely but oh my the headache when it's just bashed.

Y - Yassu, this is how they say hello in my favourite place, Crete

Z - ZZZZZZZZ's something I would like more of.

So now to find out more about....

Colette from We're Going on an Adventure

"We're going on an adventure . . . "

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