Thursday, 3 October 2013

Room 101

A short while ago I was tagged in a meme by the truly amazing Chantelle at Mama Mummy Mum , so my challenge is to choose 3 things I would condemn to room 101. At first I thought this would be easy but its harder than I thought so here goes....


I know it sounds strange, but I just can't stand the stuff. It makes me cringe to touch and to me is honestly worse than wet wool! I would rather go to the dentist than touch it!


2. Moths

I'm not sure this needs much explanation, I firmly believe in not killing insects so with spiders despite my terrific fear I can pop a cup over and take them outside, not so with moths, they flutter and flap and are swift and cunning. Evil creatures in my humble opinion!


 3. Technology at Meal Times


People using, mobiles, tablets, games etc during dinner really annoys me, don't get me wrong we have allowed our children to use their innotabs whilst we wait for a meal in a restaurant, but once the ordering etc is done then its social time. If you need to text, tweet or facebook it should wait. I think its ignorant to speak to the world of social media or your mates instead of your family.

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