Monday, 28 October 2013

Mysterious Magic Moments ....

Last night I heard a wail, popping termite back in the crib I ran downstairs to see what was up. Peanut was crying and trying to explain why she felt poorly and with some sort of sixth sense I grabbed the nearest vessel and managed to catch the bulk of Sunday's dinner in a cup as it flew back out of her poor stunned mouth! Holding back her hair for the next ten minutes as my poor girl called to the porcelain gods was not a nice situation to be in.We all hate our kids being poorly and it makes us feel so helpless, so its horrible to have to just stand and watch while they are so miserable.

So after cleaning her up, settling her into bed and having some cuddles, I went back to bed, another feed for Termite and then more noise from the bedrooms, this time The Golden Child whimpering in his sleep, I soon realise all is not well, he was boiling hot and confused and in pain, so medicine administered I settled him back to bed .... The rest of my night followed a similar routine, alternating between sick children and a hungry baby, medicine giving and head stroking.By 5am I was in a tangled pile of limbs as all 5 of us snuggled in Mummy and Daddy's bed!

Now this post is not intended to gain sympathy, in fact I'm writing this because quite bizarrely in the midst of being covered in partially digested food, and being a milk machine and nurse, I had an overwhelming feeling of peace and happiness. Despite the obvious glamour of my night , I fixed my babies and provided comfort. I made them feel safe and loved and cared for. I am a MUM and I LOVE EVERY MOMENT, even these particularly magic ones where my glamour shines out like a beacon (or not).

Whats the strangest situation that has made you realise how amazing parenthood is?

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