Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Fluffy Bottoms

So this week has been the start of us using cloth nappies.

I've been collecting cloth nappies throughout my pregnancy, from friends and buying on special offers, I even won one from the lovelies at Fuzzibunz. So I was fully prepared to go all guns blazing but a friend shared that she waited until 6 ish weeks before she started using cloth just to concentrate on establishing breastfeeding and getting through the early days.

I've found myself somewhat nervous about starting though, the washing, the ick factor, would we get nappy rash, will I get fed up with it quickly, and somehow we've gotten to 8 weeks without trying so I decided it was bullet biting time.....

I don't know what I was worried about, its so easy and the nappies are sooooooo cute. We've really just taken to it, Termite is happy and comfortable and the nappies are no different to put on than disposables, I've noticed a difference already in how much rubbish were producing and I'm enjoying trying out all the different types. I will of course review them all so you can see what I think but in the mean time I would love if you fluffy mummy's tell me what your favourite types of nappy are, and your best tips for using them? 

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  1. yay another fluffy bottomed bubba :-) welcome to the addictive world of cloth nappies! join Cloth Bum Mums group on fb for natter & fluff support :-)