Friday, 27 September 2013

Spooktacular Pom Bears Review

We are crisp lovers here in monkey towers but we try to limit them to treats, so the kids were over the moon to hear we were getting some Pom Bears to review. They arrived in a box covered in spooky spider webbing and surrounded by purple tissue paper, the kids were excited straight away and wanted to try them immediately. It felt cruel to say no, and it would have been rude not to join them.


These Pom Bears are limited edition Pickled Onion Flavour, brought out just in time for Halloween. They have no added colouring or scary preservatives and are less than 100 calories per pack, so I didnt feel like I was cheating too much on my healthy eating plan!

The kids loved them, declaring they weren't like the other bears we have had and were super tasty! I agree they are very nice, the flavour is subtle rather than overwhelming like some other pickled onion snacks and there are a nice amount of crisps in the bag. Once Daddy had tried a packet there remained only two which my kids declared should be thiers for an after school snack later in the week ....

I can safely say these are a definite winner in Monkey Towers, and we will be purchasing some in the supermarket with our next shop, my only complaint about these Pom Bears is that they are limited edition and I would actually like them all year round!

For More information you can visit Pom Bear on their website, on Facebook or on Twitter

Pom Bear kindly sent us these crisps to review but the opinions in this post are all those of Family Monkeyfeet.


  1. Loved pickled onion crisps! Great spooky photos!

  2. We loved the Halloween Pom Bears too - all gone rather quickly!

  3. we got these too, my kids (and me) loved them x