Monday, 23 September 2013

Play Doh Disasters

On Sunday I posted this picture as part of Silent Sunday. 

It stirred quite a response which I can only assume is because Play Doh drives you all as bonkers as it does me!

Don't get me wrong I appreciate the endless creative possibilities, the benefits to fine motor skills that come from rolling, stretching and pulling it, and  the joy that children get from playing with it but here is why I secretly (well not so secret anymore) hate the stuff...,

  • It smells so lovely kids always think its edible, and Play Doh know this which is why they have to advertise that its 'not to eat'.
  • The colour's never remain separate and defined like the beautiful creations in the adverts or on the front of the boxes
  • In fact once the mixing of colour's begins you know it will only have one result... SLUDGE COLOUR
  • It is impossible to remove from a carpet
  • It gets everywhere
  • My kids never put the lids on properly so it's always rock hard by morning! 
  • And finally It sticks to everything, t-shirts, rugs, card board, wood and as you can see from the pic also toys, it's like weetabix, a total nightmare to remove

So over to you, tell me of your love or hatred of the stuff or share your play Doh nightmares I can't be alone in 'Doh Disasters' surely...


  1. I hate playdough lol, it sticks to everything. Try playfoam - much less messy, but just as creative!

  2. I love it!
    Best way of avoiding sludge is only letting them have one colour at a time ;) x

  3. i love playdoh as long as i dont do it at my house haha ;o) i can see your points!

  4. We make our playdough ourselves with vivid colours however at the end of the day emmy mixes it all together and its brown - yuck

  5. I try and avoid playdough at all costs and moon sand!!