Saturday, 28 September 2013

Frugi Tunic Review

As part of my role as Frugi Fledgling, I have the privilege of trying something from the new season, last time our golden child received a lovely rugby top (here's the review). Well this time peanut was jumping with joy to find out she had been sent this lovely smock.

 Peanut being a rather reluctant model! 

Frugi are all about scrumptious organic cotton clothing for babies and children aged 0-8years, they also have a fab range of breastfeeding wear for mums. Their clothing not only looks beautiful but is made from the softest organic cotton that will last and last! Frugi are members of ‘1% for the planet’ so they donate 1% of their turnover to help support 3 great environmental charities, they also promote the highest social welfare standards amongst their manufacturers and cotton growers. 

As always the quality of the cotton is amazing,the colours a bright and attractive, it stands the washer/dryer test with no shrinking and the lovely squirrel appliqué is well stitched. Peanut loves the top it's a gorgeous shade of purple and looks fab with leggings or jeans. My most favourite feature though is the elasticaed cuff, which means we dont end up with grime around the cuff from them dragging through everything we eat, play with, or basically touch. This in turn means Monkeyfooted Mummy does not need to scrub them before throwing them in the wash, YIPPEE

Just for my lovely readers if you head over to Frugi and use code HOLLY at the checkout you can get 15% discount 

Frugi kindly sent us this smock to review but the opinions in this post are all those of Family Monkeyfeet.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Spooktacular Pom Bears Review

We are crisp lovers here in monkey towers but we try to limit them to treats, so the kids were over the moon to hear we were getting some Pom Bears to review. They arrived in a box covered in spooky spider webbing and surrounded by purple tissue paper, the kids were excited straight away and wanted to try them immediately. It felt cruel to say no, and it would have been rude not to join them.


These Pom Bears are limited edition Pickled Onion Flavour, brought out just in time for Halloween. They have no added colouring or scary preservatives and are less than 100 calories per pack, so I didnt feel like I was cheating too much on my healthy eating plan!

The kids loved them, declaring they weren't like the other bears we have had and were super tasty! I agree they are very nice, the flavour is subtle rather than overwhelming like some other pickled onion snacks and there are a nice amount of crisps in the bag. Once Daddy had tried a packet there remained only two which my kids declared should be thiers for an after school snack later in the week ....

I can safely say these are a definite winner in Monkey Towers, and we will be purchasing some in the supermarket with our next shop, my only complaint about these Pom Bears is that they are limited edition and I would actually like them all year round!

For More information you can visit Pom Bear on their website, on Facebook or on Twitter

Pom Bear kindly sent us these crisps to review but the opinions in this post are all those of Family Monkeyfeet.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Sensatori Crete

Sensatori is Thomson's luxury brand, offering something for everyone, the brochure claims that... Enjoyment is based around touch, taste smell, sight and sound. And that's why we designed Sensatori - to fuel the senses. This collection of luxury holidays offers you a huge spectrum of experiences in a 5 star setting. Join a yoga class in the morning, play tennis after lunch, spend an evening over an al fresco meal - you can pick n' mix the bits you like best to create your ideal holiday.

We have been to the Crete Sensatori resort 3 times now so I can tell you straight off we are fans, Crete is one of our favourite places its friendly, laid back, steeped in history and has something for everyone.

We arrived mid afternoon to Heraklion airport. The airport is small but I've been through it 8 times and never been to a more efficient place, never once delayed unlike some UK airports,  the bags were out quickly and we headed for the Sensatori on airport check in, you are given room number stickers for each of your bags, an info pack and a registration form to fill in, top tip-take a pen so you can do this on the bus. 

The hotel is situated in a small village called Analipsi, right on the coast with some lovely shops and tavernas and it's about 10 minutes drive to the bustling town of Hersonissos.

The journey from the airport is swift and upon arrival we were greeted with juice or bubbly and snacks served on the terrace, as we had missed lunch. You needn't worry about luggage as the porters bring it straight to your room. Check in was friendly and after getting our key cards, map, towel vouchers and information we set off to our room. 

We booked a family swim up room which is an entrance hall with triple fitted wardrobe, a large bathroom with jacuzzi bath and shower, a double room with a huge bed, sliding partition doors leading to two single sofa beds, then a small terrace (big enough for two luxury sun loungers and a table and chairs) Rooms are comfortable spacious and well decorated with a few watchable satellite channels. Hairdryer, toiletries  and tea/coffee facilities are all provided.Plus the kids loved the swim up facility


The thing that really makes this hotel special is its staff, always happy to help, friendly and efficient we have been remembered visit after visit and greeted like old friends. Chryssa at breakfast was so lovely I don't think I ever saw the smile leave her face, all of the managers can be seen around the hotel, helping out, chatting to guests and even clearing tables! Isabella in guest relations is a font of knowledge and always happy to help out with your queries and the bar staff are all enthusiastic and helpful.

There are plenty of places to eat, this is the info from Thomson website

MAIN RESTAURANT – comes complete with buffet stations, show cooking and children’s buffets, and has an adults-only section during dinner

RED SAFFRON – a contemporary Greek taverna that also offers buffet-style meals. When the weather’s nice, food is prepared outdoors on a stone barbecue, and breakfast is adults-only in the summer months

TEX-MEX – serves tacos, fajitas and ribs on the restaurant terrace by the pool

FIVE FLAVOURS THAI – specialises in Oriental dishes like Thai green curry

You can also pay extra to eat in these 3 restaurants…

AROMA STONE GRILL – at this beachfront restaurant, food is served on a sizzling stone slab, with rib-eye steaks and salmon fillets among the temptations

AL DENTE – offers a menu designed by a Michelin-starred chef

THE JAPANESE – this Oriental restaurant excels in Japanese cuisine and sushi

We really enjoyed the Tex Mex and Red Saffron, our only issue is that in order to reserve these you have to queue at 10am to use the computer system which is open for the next two days of reservations, sometimes it can be difficult to get a reservation especially in high season. The main restraunt is lovely though with plenty of choice and lots of fresh salad and the desserts are amazing.

There is something to entertain all day everyday from, football and tennis to yoga, pilates and relaxation classes, Playhouse kids club runs almost every day with crazy science, outdoor activities and lots of things to play with, theres also stay and play for younger kids and their adults to play together. Peanut loved going to the sessions although we never put her in for a sleep over I think she would have enjoyed 'camping out'. Which is actually indoors under a starlit effect ceiling. All the childcare staff are fully qualified and they stick to strict ratios.

Enjoying Knights Day

Evening entertainment consists of Playhouse live, a mix of games, dancing, and mini musicals, Bugs especially was one of our favourites. This is followed by  the grown up show, either a musical medley performed by the house cast or a tribute act. We didn't watch very much of the evening entertainment because I will admit to being rather a snob in my choice of theatre, It comes from my previous life working in the theatre industry, Im not a fan of tribute acts and I'm over critical of production value on anything else, The cast work hard though and there are some great voices amongst them.

 Play House Live's Nat and Rob

Another great option is off airport check in. So you pack your bags on departure day keeping what you need to one side, a porter collects them and drops at reception, then at an allocated time you pop along with your passports, tickets and bags to a temporary airport deal at the hotel front, they check you in, give you boarding cards and take your bags. Then when you get to the airport you just sail straight through security to departures and very quickly into the plane! Pure genius in my humble opinion, queuing at an airport for an hour with two toddlers is hard work and anyway to avoid it is fine with me. 

We love this place and if it weren't for the fact that we no longer fit into a swim up room we would happily go back every year.

Play Doh Disasters

On Sunday I posted this picture as part of Silent Sunday. 

It stirred quite a response which I can only assume is because Play Doh drives you all as bonkers as it does me!

Don't get me wrong I appreciate the endless creative possibilities, the benefits to fine motor skills that come from rolling, stretching and pulling it, and  the joy that children get from playing with it but here is why I secretly (well not so secret anymore) hate the stuff...,

  • It smells so lovely kids always think its edible, and Play Doh know this which is why they have to advertise that its 'not to eat'.
  • The colour's never remain separate and defined like the beautiful creations in the adverts or on the front of the boxes
  • In fact once the mixing of colour's begins you know it will only have one result... SLUDGE COLOUR
  • It is impossible to remove from a carpet
  • It gets everywhere
  • My kids never put the lids on properly so it's always rock hard by morning! 
  • And finally It sticks to everything, t-shirts, rugs, card board, wood and as you can see from the pic also toys, it's like weetabix, a total nightmare to remove

So over to you, tell me of your love or hatred of the stuff or share your play Doh nightmares I can't be alone in 'Doh Disasters' surely...

Thursday, 5 September 2013


Just wanted you all to know, I've not abandoned you! We are still enjoying our babymoon and settling into a new family routine, but I shall be back next week with a Frugi review, more blog posts and another competition

Hope you are all well, let me know how the summer has treated you all xxx

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Baby Blues

This is a post I started writing on 28th August and I'm pleased I have waited to publish it ........

This is my newest girl, shes beautiful and lovely and completes our family, which is why this post is a hard one to write. I have the baby blues, I know this is normal and to be expected but I really thought I had escaped them this time so they have hit me like a tonne of bricks. Now with Peanut and The golden child they came and went quite quickly but this time they don't seem to want to leave.

I have no reason to be sad, I feel blessed in so many ways, yet still the tears keep coming. I feel like a terrible mum to my eldest two, who are patiently playing together whilst I breastfeed (a lot ).  And an awful wife for being a tearful unkempt non cooking messy housed wreck! 

Termite (still nameless) is now 5 days old and I have been bubbling (its a northern term) for 3 days, the sleep deprivation of course doesn't help but I'm feeling sadness that I won't do the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth again, I'm upset my house is a mess and unfortunately  my husband having to work hasn't helped. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage 4 trips to the school everyday and breastfeed and cook meals and not get rats because of the mess that is my home not to mention I have guest posts and reviews and blog posts to write, my website won't build itself and my to do list is HUUUGE !!!

Now I know its hormones and its all natural but this is (pardon my term) a load of CRAP, I feel like my first week of newborn bliss has been stolen by a wicked twist in mother natures not so wonderful ways!

And now....... 

I'm pleased to say that after a more settled second week we are all settling into a routine, we are getting organised, putting out the breakfast dishes the night before, laying out our clothes for the morning and planning dinner in advance which has all really helped, (control freak? me ? ... never) 

We've  spent a weekend all 5 of us just chilling and I've sen my two besties, I'm out in the fresh air every day and it seems the blues are turning a happier shade, don't get me wrong I can cry for England but that has always been true. It's just now the hormones are settling and I feel more in control it seems I now cry for a reason, like my big girl going to big school or my little boy going to little school or just because I've watched the news (i often cry at the news it's sad but true).

So it seems I should have trusted mama nature after all and not been so hard on myself, and as the husband said its only been two weeks and apparently I'm 'doing fine' (this is code for he thinks I'm ace but would never say anything quite so soppy)

I'd love to hear how you dealt with your blues, I love to read your comments so feel free to share.