Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Magic midwives

I'm writing this post sitting in a reclining chair at my local Antenatal Assesment Suite, I'm 39 weeks pregnant and my 'termite' hasn't moved much today so I called my midwife to ask if she wouldn't mind giving me the once over, I can do this ANYTIME I HAVE A CONCERN, I find this amazing. Any little concerns and I have a wealth of knowledgeable people ready to help me feel better. 

I know many people could and probably will tell me nightmare stories about shoddy service, awful treatment and uselessness in the NHS but I personally am grateful for our health service I don't need to worry about insurance or having cash in the bank should one of my rough n tumble kids throw themselves off, on, under, over or onto something causing untold injury, and that does happen. In fact I've been to A&E probably 10 times in 4 years for my two, I'd hate to think of what that would cost in America or elsewhere with paid for health care.

But for me one of the most amazing commodities our NHS has to offer is the magical marvel that is our midwives. In three pregnancies I have possibly been seen by about 30 (all ladies for me so I'm not being sexist if I use feminine terms) of these amazing women and almost every single one has left me feeling like she genuinely cared about me and baby, real personal concern. So much so I find it sad when the day comes that you are 'discharged from midwifery care' !

Take for example the midwife who popped in when peanut was 5 days old just for the usual check, I mentioned that the baby blues had hit and quite honestly my face was leaking at random moments with no warning. An hour , and a cup of tea later I had just had a lovely chat about our joint interests in theatre, children, arts and general world events. She didn't give me any spiel about how to feel better, didn't force the signs of PND down my throat and in fact she made me feel normal and sane and reasonable. 

Or my named midwife who welcomed me back into her care, asked about the family, who she remembered by name, and put to rest my fears of being pregnant at 35 for the third time whilst possibly not at my fittest, she who can find a way to give me facts and the truth whilst still settling my worst worries with her knowledge and confidence. 

Or the lady today who with no scorn or discounting of feelings, asked what was going on with Termite and chatted about the joys of parenting whilst strapping me up to a monitor  taking my blood pressure and temperature and reading my notes (all at once and with such efficiciency I barely even noticed!) Said midwife has been in to see me and check my trace every ten minutes she's offered food, tea, water and a cushion more than once. She has been very calm despite the alarms that keep coming from my trace and is keen to put my mind at ease that Termite is just winding me up. 

Turns out she's right because after an hour and a half of monitoring and checks all has returned to normal but she has written in my notes and said out loud 'you have open access to our services ring us any time you are concerned' and that is the key ... WE ARE HERE FOR YOU that's what makes the difference and helps with any worries that's what makes you feel valued nd cared for. 

I think our midwifery care is second to none and Mr's Cameron and Clegg should maybe walk mile in their shoes before making any further cuts to the services provided by them, and the rest of the NHS I'm sure there are savings to be made but the care of patients must come first we have this amazing free health service and we need to preserve it and, for the purposes of this post I would like us to celebrate the midwives who ensure we are well cared for and in most part support the choices we take for granted like the choice to birth where and how we want safely and with support.

So Thankyou from me to all of those who have dealt so happily, kindly and efficiently  with all that pregnancy has thrown at me. 


  1. What a lovely post. I too have met many lovely midwives & it pains me to hear them slated & have people say they don't care. Those women are rushed off their feet & do the best they can to take time to know us x

  2. Ooh I'm loving this thread of posts today. So glad to be able to read this. Such a lovely positive post. Thanks for sharing.