Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My Funny Children

I'm sure as fellow parents you can relate to how funny our children can be, I've always said there hasn't been a single day since my daughter was born that I haven't found a reason to smile or laugh at something, no matter how tough day it has been.

But I find it really difficult to choose a single funny children's moment to talk about here because they are either personal 'inside family jokes', which would take a lot of explaining, or, and this is the embarrassing truth, they may not be appropriate for the public, my children after all are at an age of asking many questions about bodies and differences which makes me giggle a lot but I wouldn't necessarily repeat!

I could tell you how funny I found it yesterday when my daughter told me with great indignation that her brother 'poked her in her nose hole with a smurf' I realise on the surface this has more issues than just the fact that she forgot the word nostril, and we should have been concerned about her brothers behaviour. It was an accidental poke luckily though as my husband and I couldn't stop giggling at her terminology.

But my funniest moment of recent times has been a lesson learnt in how repetitive children are. My son recently spent some time with someone who found it funny to make him giggle a lot by 'pinching' his bottom. I say pinch, she was, like many grown ups do, thoroughly enjoying chasing him giggling round the garden pretending to be a crab and pretending to pinch his bum whilst telling him how lovely he was. Now I too am guilty of thinking my children's bottom's are truly works of genius cuteness and sometimes those chubby little legs warrant a great big munch and I know I'm not alone but we have to refrain and here's why.....

The very next day I was politely brought to one side by my sons key worker at playschool to be informed that he had been chasing her and a few children saying pinch pinch pinch and trying to pinch their bottoms! She was holding back tears of laughter when she told me especially as on the whole he is so chilled out and laid back they have never ever had to reprimand him for anything! So  we did need a conversation with him about the inappropriateness of

  1. Pinching
  2. Touching peoples bottoms 
  3. Chasing people to do so
Lets just hope there have been no lasting effects and I don't catch him doing this in his teenage years!

This is my entry to the Comedy Cycle Tots Competition  and I'm also tagging two fellow blogger's to share their funny stories too, why not leave mea comment with your funny stories.

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