Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Descent

I know all of you who have had children will understand what this post is about as you will be able to sympathise/empathise or laugh along with some of my current issues. 

Now let me say right out I pledged to embrace and enjoy every single moment of this pregnancy as I have been told in no uncertain terms by Spartacus that there will be no more (sad face, I would honestly have another dozen if age money and space were on my side ). But....

I'm 35 weeks and in the last few days my termite has decided to move lower, this has resulted in the most ungainly waddle, to compliment the feeling that I've been kicked (forgive the terminology) in the lady garden with a steel toe boot! I can't sit up lie down or walk without a lovely cracking feeling in my pelvis and of course termite can now play bongos on my bladder or bowel depending on his/her evil desires moment by moment! The resulting lack of sleep or any sort of rest has left me looking sooooo glamorous (as you can see by the picture)  I'm surprised I've not been model scouted in the street, and it wouldn't be hard to catch me as it takes sooooo long to walk anywhere! 

But the good news is that all this discomfort does mean hopefully termite has decided to take a swan dive head first into position. Let's hope that's what tomorrows scan reveals anyway! 


  1. Oh waddling and constant trips to the loo, I remember these well :) when I tried not to waddle I seemed to do it more lol and I might as well have lived on the toilet!!

    Fingers crossed baby behaves and is in the right position for you. x

  2. Oh I remember very clearly how you are feeling! Not long now :-)