Saturday, 20 July 2013

Nesting nesting nesting !

In anywhere between 1 and 6 weeks this little bundle will be nestled in my arms. Hopefully after a smooth and peaceful home birth. 

This thought brings on many feelings.

Oh my I'm going to be a mum of 3 under 5yrs old. 

Gosh my children who adore each other and are the most loving team ever will need to make way in their exclusive club for another little person!

Come September I'm going to be partaking  in 3 school runs a day with a teeny tiny hungry baby (I'm thinking  a good feeding sling and cover is a must) 

But most of all my overriding thought is this...

By this stage with peanut and the golden child my Facebook statuses read along these lines 'stairs cleaned, nursery ready, food cooked, bag packed, nails painted, I think I'm ready' (peanut) and 'ok I've cleaned the oven and everything else that would stand still, scrubbed 3 loo brushes and changed all the beds, now where is my boy.....' (That was the golden child)

This time I'm currently sitting on my birthing ball, looking at a half empty not yet painted bedroom, I have no cot, the nursery furniture isn't built, the nursery itself contains all the things cleared out of our room ready for painting. Termite's many items of clothing are still awaiting collection from the launderette and my house needs a good clean even before I can have the MIL round for lunch tomorrow, and whilst all of this should fill me with panic, strangely it hasn't.

I'm a breast feeder so need no feeding things, my cloth nappies, as I'm sure you have read, have been washed and dried and are ready. We have a crib and blankets so really the only thing we need now is a happy healthy baby and mum and plenty of peace for family snuggles.

Oh how the obsessively organised list writers fail when it comes to third time round or is it just me?

Mums, especially those with three or more do you just get more relaxed with each child or have I just lost the plot? I'd love to hear your comments....

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  1. Haha, this is SO TRUE! I had to spend the entire day before the night I had to go in to be induced with number 3 washing and ironing, packing bags and cleaning all the accumulated crap out of the swinging crib! Also, packing my baby bag (I had been in hospital 3 times before this, and I STILL hasn't packed it!! I had to go to Asda for maternity pads and breast pads before going to the maternity suite!