Thursday, 18 July 2013

Give her some peace

With both of my previous pregnancies I've felt very private, I knew I wouldn't want anyone knowing I was in labour because I just wanted to embrace the moment and concentrate on us. I didn't want the thought in my head that people were waiting in anticipation for news. Good job too my fist labour went on for days I'd have been sick of answering texts and calls.

With this is mind it is with growing anger that I'm having to switch over, or ignore the constant news feed about when poor Kate will birth the royal baby. I read a Facebook status from a huge parenting company, weeks ago, to say they had joined the rest of the press camped outside  St. Mary's hospital. Can you imagine the anticipation of your first birth the nerves and excitement, being marred by hundreds of people camped outside your maternity unit? 

The poor girl has enough to deal with I really hope that those magic royal organisers have a plan to whisk her off somewhere that no one knows about and she can smugly make her announcement when she's had a cuppa and some toast and  some family cuddles.

Better still imagine the response if the announcement read Kate and William are delighted to announce the blissful
Home birth of their first child... 
What do you think? Are you a tell all or a private birther? As always I love to read your comments.


  1. I'm a private birther I only post up pics after I've had bubba. But this time it's a bit different as this bubbas my last. I'm over due by a week so far and an induction has been scheduled for me next Wednesday. My m.w has now performed 2 sweeps and I'm hoping to have her b4 the interference of medical instruments. XxX

    1. Keep the faith, my son arrived after 2 sweeps and a day of car shopping. He was 11 days late and of course worth the wait little monkey. I'm sending positive private birthing vibes your way xxx

      Also if you'd like to share your birth story after email we would love to hear from you