Saturday, 6 July 2013

Canvas Craft

We love to make things here at monkey towers and I love keepsakes, much to spartacus' despair given how much clutter I accumulate already, the fact that I cant part with even the tiniest memento means we are over run with papers, models, pebbles, stones and everything that we can find make or create.

So always looking for new projects I found some small blank canvases in our local Home Bargains. If you don’t know of this store, its a shop selling, food, drinks, hardware, cosmetics, toys, stationery and various other things at silly low prices. They don't always have the same things from store to store and generally when something sells out then its gone!

Anyway I digress the canvases were 79p!!! So obviously I bought a stash thinking of all the lovely grandparent/godmother/auntie type gifts we could create.

We started with a large pieces of thick paper each and I let the kids paint stripes and smudges and smears in a nice rage of colours, being sure not to turn anything that lovely sludge shade that lots of our pictures become. Then with much mummy assistance we took it in turns to press firmly on the patterns we had created the firmly but smoothly on the canvas, then we did the same with our foot.

I was so pleased with the result that I’m afraid they didn’t even make it as Grandparent gifts and are now displayed with pride of place in the family bedroom. Such a simple and easy idea but so very effective

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