Sunday, 7 July 2013

Breech Babies

I have a large bump! I mean really large so I was asked to have a growth scan at 32 weeks, where I was told just in passing that termite is breech. Nothing much to worry about as there is lots of room to move and lots of time to do it in,

None the less I have worried and googled and researched. I've discovered positions to sit in, lie in and balance in and I hvae tried them all. So it was a bit of a disappointment to be told at 34 weeks that we are definitely breech, I'm to go back in a week and have a scan and if I'm still breech I can speak to a consultant about an ECV. My midwife is very kind and also a fan of home birth and believes in trusting your body and women's rights to give birth how they choose, so it was a relief to hear her agree that actually breech if presented optimally is no reason not to give birth normally., although she agreed that their is a real lack of experience in this because doctors would normally recommend a section as soon as they know baby wont be turning.

Now I have been told by more than one person that I shouldn't borrow worry, that there is time and room and Ive given birth twice normally to babies who came head first, Spartacus even reminded me that peanut was back to back until the very very last moment, but I do worry, I want the very best for my children and that goes from the very beginning, even before we are thinking about labour we are cutting out foods, eating more veg, cutting back on caffeine trying to relax and exercise. This is no different I want my child to come into this world in the safest manner for him/her and me to give us the best chance to bond and feed and get to know one another.

So having gotten all of that out of my system I guess this post has no ending yet and I will have to update you all on whether my termite changes position and decides to arrive at home like Mammy would like, or if I will need to make the decision to have an ECV and ultimately attempt a breech birth or will I have to give in to my ultimate fear and have a section.........

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