Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Mi-Mic Microphone and Speaker


Mi-Mic Microphone and Speaker could be the most fun £14.99 you spend this Christmas! This awesome toy (its not a toy its a genius piece of entertainment) connects to blue tooth so plays your songs, so you can sing along and it lights up too. Its DISCOTASTIC!

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I can't lie, when we unboxed this I was way too excited! The sound quality is canny, the bluetooth capability is awesome and it's just such a lot of fun. I mean I can't sing for toffee but we've had a blast playing with it.

You can use your own music via SD card, its rechargeable and it really is an awesome gift at a fab price. You can get yours from Smyths (also available in black) and you can connect with Mi-Mic (no bluetooth pun intended) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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